Velo Orange Cigne StemThe Cigne stem gets its name from the french word for swan. The shape is inspired by the old gooseneck LD stems by Ibis and Cunningham, but with a few accommodations for modern bike needs. 1 1/8" threadless and 31.8mm handlebar diameter. Also features a removable faceplate. Available in silver, nickel and black. Weighs 343 grams (90mm size). Also available with a length of 70mm. More info & order
Velo Orange Threadless Stem 31.8mmSimple, polished threadless stem with a 31.8mm clamp diameter. The clamp is flippable, to really fit your handlebar. This has a rise of 6 degrees, and a variety of extension lengths. The stack height is 40mm, the steerer clamp has a diameter of 1 1/8". Weighs 140g (100mm size).More info & order
Velo Orange Grand Cru Quill StemMade from a custom one-piece steel quill and extension, de Grand Cru is a strong yet light stem with a classic look. The clamp diameter is 26mm, and a quill diameter of 1". Angle of -17 degrees. The height above the insertion point is 120mm, with a total height of 180mm. Weighs 385 grams (100mm size). Available in different sizes.More info & order
Velo Orange Quill StemNice looking with a positive rise, 1" quill stem. Smooth welds and chromed. Looks good on any bike! Clamp is 26mm wide, angle is about 17 degrees. The height above the minimal insertion is 120mm. Total height equals 190mm. Weighs 367 grams (100mm size). More info & order
Removable Pocket Handlebar BagThis convenient pocket is meant to keep important luggage, such as a phone or a wallet, safe. The pocket is removable and works with bags nr. 22, 25 and 28 cm. More info & order
Velo Orange Quill Stem with removable faceplateNow, there is nothing holding you back from combining any and all handlebars, with the simple 2-bolt removable faceplate that this stem comes with. It is compatible with modern 31.8mm clamp diameters and 'alt-bars' like the Velo Orange Crazy Bar. The 90 degree angle makes a bit of a rise without looking too out of place on your custom bike. The quill diameter equals 22.2mm (for 1" steerer), and the max height above the minimal insertion is 130mm. Weighs 395 grams (100mm size). Available in different lengths (80, 90, 100, 110mm) and different finishes; black, nickel and silver.More info & order
Velo Orange Threadless Stem AdaptorThis adaptor allows you to use threadless stems on bikes that are designed for quill stems. Works with standard 22.2m threaded forks and 1 1.8" stems. It's 180mm in total length, 110mm above the minimum insertion line. Weighs 272 grams.More info & order
Berthoud Cycles AubisqueA touring saddle by Brethoud, a variation on a theme. De RVS rail by Mente, de Troxjes van de Vars, that is what makes Aubisque. For some background information: The Col d'Aubisque is a moutain pass in the French Pyrenees and is most famous for the cycling stages of the Tour de France. The most legendary tale of d'Aubisque is the fall of Wim van Est in 1951. Van Est took too much risk at the decent and fell down a 70 meter cliff. Fortunately he was not hurt badly, but he had to be rescued by tying bicycle tires together. In memory of his fall, a plaque was applied at the bend of his fall. More info & order
Velo Orange 'Basket Weave' GripsSoft rubber grips that have a basket weave pattern. Nice looking honey-like colour. Specifically made to match Brooks honey saddles. They fit quite easily with 22.2mm bars, but also with 23.8mm bars with a litle bit more effort.More info & order
Velo Orange Bungee Cord Cargo NetThis cargo net will secure any loose luggage to your bike. Approximately 14" x 15" unstretched.More info & order
Velo Orange Cantilever Brake Rack Mounting BoltsBolts made for mounting racks to cantilever brakes.More info & order
MKS - XC-III Bear TrapModernised version of legendary pedals XC-II (called as Beartrap) from SUNRACE, special order-made by MKS, Japan with Bluelug. The Wide platform gives you extra grips and stable pedaling. No need to explain MKS smooth quality bearings, once you feel this, you get addicted to it. Specs; Size: 10x9cm Weight: apx 398 gr. for a setMore info & order