Dualco Grease gunPro Pump Action with spring loaded plunger & 2" Nozzle. Push Type Utility Grease Guns require only one hand to operate and are ideal for working in confined areas where lever action guns are inconvenient. All models will handle multi-viscous lubricant grades, and are highly recomended for special purpose bulk lubricants. • Lightweight, compact & easy to use • Durable all metal construction • Self activated priming • Quick service, refill & cleaning • Ground plunger & ball check • Pinpoint accuracy More info & order
MINOURA Multi-Cage MC-2000MINOURA Multi-Support aluminium, 23x10cm 130g, sold with 2 straps More info & order
BSA bottom bracketBSA bottom bracket with aluminum cups, ji taper and does what it is supposed to do for a long time.More info & order
Rindow Universele Aluminium M5 Mount - ZilverOn your front fender, a light bulb, but how do you attach it. Well, here's the solution. A CNC milled little thing that generates a stable mounting option. Beautiful!More info & order
GrandBois Centerpull Brake Cable HangerStylish cable hanger to optimally balance fine centerpull brakes. Per pair. More info & order
SUNXCD 3 bolts nutSUNXCD 3 bolts nut in stainless, 3 spacers, 3 washers set. More info & order
Manything CageMade of Titanium Tubing 3-bolt mount Includes two 20" Voile StrapsMore info & order
Pump pegsPegs for your frame tube to transport the pump conveniently. For diameters from 27 to 31mm. More info & order
Berthoud Rohloff shifterDeveloped and manufactured in-house Handlebar for operating integrated Rohloff gear hubs, consisting of three removable parts to allow mounting on curved handlebars. Changing the cables is very easy, no need to open the handle. The ergonomic shape of the rotating part makes it easy to hold. Made of aluminum, fully CNC milled. Supplied with a Ø24 ring for road handlebars and Ø22 for MTB type, making it possible to convert a Twister for 22 handlebars to 24 and vice versa. Note: Not compatible with oversized road handlebars (Ø31.75 stem).More info & order
Knotted gloveThe classic knotted glove, an icon in the cycling world. A must-have for the retro enthusiast. And besides, the wearing comfort is very good. Available in various sizes.More info & order
Threadless bottombracket threadlessbottombracket so fits the strangest bottom bracket lugs like French, Italian, Swiss, because wireless. 127mm long. The left cone clamps the bottom bracket in place. The solution for situations where the thread is worn out and a shaft is still needed. More info & order
TA chainringbold Pro5visFor triplets TA Specialties screw kit, specific for mounting Pro 5 Intermediate and Inner Tray, on Pro 5 Outer Tray. Bag of 6 aluminum screws M5x0.75x8.7L + 6 chimneys M5x0.75x13L + 12 spacers ø12x7.15x3.6 + 6 Onduflex washers. Original screws since 1947. For double Specialties TA screw kit, specific for mounting Pro 5 Vis inner plate on Pro 5 Vis outer plate. Bag of 6 aluminum screws M5x0.75x7L + 6 chimneys M5x0.75x6L + 6 spacers ø12x7.15x3.6 + 6 Onduflex washers.More info & order