Toe-clips GrandCruA good quality toe clip and strap is ubiquitous on any classic and vintage bike. These are made from stainless steel and are available in two reach sizes (distance they stick out from the pedal): Medium, 58mm and Large, 64mm Price is per pair. Mounting hardware included.More info & order
MKS AR-2 EzyThe AR-2 features a unique asymmetrical cage plate design that provides extra room inside the shaft for wide shoes compared to traditional pedals like the Sylvan Road. The AR-2 is designed to be used with toe clips and straps. But it can also be used without. The Ezy system allows the pedals to be removed safely, quickly and without tools for travel, storage or flexibility. Especially popular as an upgrade for folding bikes, people who take their bikes on public transport or on travel bikes with clutch systems. To use the Ezy pedal, simply remove the yellow retaining ring and pull back the collar attached to the crank arm to release or mount the pedal. The stopper must be installed. If the stopper is not installed, the attachment of the pedal is incomplete. Without the stopper, the adapter may break, or the pedal may fall off resulting in serious injuryMore info & order
MKS PanamaxThe Panamax features a PP resin body that has been equipped with an elastomer grip sheet to provides both a solid grip and a soft ride. The large 98mm x 89mm surface reduces fatigue by allowing the rider to use multiple foot positions. Recommended for E-Bike, commuter bikes, cruisers and others. The pedal body is made of a Black PP material, and the Surface elastomer grip sheet is grey. Built around our proven and user serviceable Cup & Cone bearing system. This Panamax features a reflector on both the front and back of the pedal body.More info & order
MKS dustcapNeed a replacement dust cap for your MKS pedal? We've got you covered! plastic cap fits IC-Lite, CT-Lite, Promenade, MT-E, AR-2, GR-9, GR10, Esprit, Lambda, Gamma Sold individually.More info & order
MKS EZY adapter setMKS 'Ezy' second clutch 9/16 "(pair) for second bike, spare parts, including accessories (lock washers + washers)More info & order
MKS capspannerSpanner for the cap of MKS pedals Sylvan and Prime. Compatible with Campagnole pedals More info & order
MKS sylvan GorditoThe name Gordito comes from a South American Spanish language “term of endearment” that translates to chubby , but is used like the word darling. The Gordito pedal is large and lovable. Maintaining the same width of the Sylvan touring, we have increased the length of the pedal body allowing for a large comfortable platform for the rider to firmly rest their feet. This pedal is ideal for those looking for a comfortable ride, as well as those with large legs or shoes. Like the Sylvan touring, the cage plate tooth profile is grippy, but not particularly aggressive. ・The largest platform in the Sylvan series, about 94 mm x 85 mm. ・Built around our proven and user serviceable Cup & Cone bearing system. ・The step plates are attached with screws, which can be replaced by the user if damaged. ・Two colors: Barrel polished silver body with anodized plates or Shot Blasted black body with black anodized plates.More info & order
MKS Ezy Superior adapter setThis is a handy solution for cyclists with more than 1 bike. Well, now I'm addressing a small minority, every cyclist knows that. Share the same pedals on multiple bikes! Just install a set of Rinko adapters on each bike, and then you can swap any MKS "EZY-Superior" Rinko pedal in seconds, without tools.More info & order
Pedal Sabot"For urban use, commuting, touring, and light off-roading, the Sabot definitely delivers the goods." - Many VO staffers like large pedals, so we wanted to produce a high quality large-platform pedal that would be comfortable even when riding in thin soled shoes. We tested them in minimalist running shoes, leather dress shoes, hiking shoes, and even sandals. Of course this style of pedal is great for urban riding, but we see other uses, too. More and more bike packers, long distance tourists, and adventure cyclists are riding with big BMX style pedals, and these make a more refined alternative. The two-sided platform is a CNC-cut aluminum extrusion. It has loads of real estate to eliminate pressure points and all - approximately 100mm wide and 100mm long. There are 12 replaceable traction pins on each side of the pedal to offer great grip even when wet. We include rounded pins with the pedals so as not to damage street shoes, but they are easily replaced with more aggressive sharp pins. Most existing pedals with large platforms use either loose ball bearings or are designed for BMX or downhill riding and use durable, but stiff, bushings. We designed a chromoly spindle that uses three sealed bearings, two inboard and one outboard. This makes for a very smooth pedal; it feels like a high-end road pedal, and the bearings are easy to replace. Weight is 408g per pair. Uses 6mm hex (Allen wrench) as well as flats (15mm pedal wrench) for easy installation and removal. Platform size: 100mm x 100mm Pin style: 12 rounded Bearings: Sealed cartridge Weight: 408g per pair Available in Silver and Noir Includes reflectors, additional rounded pins, and pin wrench. Compatible with toe clips and straps Price is per pair.More info & order
MKS - XC-III Bear TrapModernised version of legendary pedals XC-II (called as Beartrap) from SUNRACE, special order-made by MKS, Japan with Bluelug. The Wide platform gives you extra grips and stable pedaling. No need to explain MKS smooth quality bearings, once you feel this, you get addicted to it. Specs; Size: 10x9cm Weight: apx 398 gr. for a setMore info & order
MKS GaussFijn flatbedpedaal van MKS. In orange en zwart. Body - Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Size - W105×L103 (114mm: overall length) Step Area - Double sided Bearing - SEALED & BUSHING BEARINGS Weight of a pair - 362g Volgens MKS: We hebben veel verzoeken ontvangen voor een eenvoudig, krachtig plastic mountainbikepedaal. De Gauss is een dubbelzijdig glasvezelversterkt kunststof pedaal dat verkrijgbaar is in drie kleuren. De Gauss heeft 10 vervangbare spikes per zijde, verspreid over zijn 105 mm x 103 mm body om een ??stabiel en gemakkelijk te vangen pedaaloppervlak te bieden. De spikes zijn afneembaar met een 2,5 mm inbussleutel, zodat u het aantal naar wens kunt aanpassen. De Gauss is uniek in onze productlijn, omdat het het enige pedaal is dat we niet zelf in elkaar zetten, maar in plaats daarvan samenwerken met een Taiwanees bedrijf voor productie en montage. Nadat de montage is voltooid, inspecteren we elk pedaal zelf, zodat we u dit met een gerust hart kunnen bezorgen met onze naam erop.More info & order
SOMA-MKS PEDALE Citoyen du mondeInspired by a vintage French design. Spacious 87 x 63mm platform. Single-sided. Toe-clip compatible. The deluxe model features extra smooth rolling high polished cone and races and more refined finish than the standard one. Made by MKS Japan. "Citoyen Du Monde" means "citizen of the world". - Elegant and spacious 87 x 63mm platform - Light aluminum body - Single-sided - Toe-clip compatible. - Weight: 390gMore info & order