Nitto Handlebar B357AAF Choco 540mmA swept back bar similar to the Albatross in that it sweeps back a lot and has only a touch of rise. The grip angle is greater than the Albatross, but not quite 90 degrees. It has less forward bend than the Albatross, so the ends are a little closer to the rider. Fits bar end shifters and MTB levers/grips. – Heat treated 2014-T6 aluminum – Center: 25.4mm – Width: 540mm – Grip Area Length: 170mm – Grip Area OD: 22.2mm – Designed by Rivendell Bicycle WorksMore info & order
GrandBois MAES ItalianNitto M104-based brake cable-grooved handlebar. The basic style is the traditional Italian Cinelli/Giro-type bend, but the bulging handle is Granboa's basic specification. Of course, it has a polished finish and will shine if you polish it. Width 410 mm. Reach 96 mm. Drop 150 mm. Clamp diameter 26.0 mm. Weight: 316 g. Made in Japan.More info & order
Dajia Cycleworks Far Bar HandlebarThe Dajia Cycleworks Far Bar is a fantastic, lightweight off-road touring bar designed to be used with road components. Unlike dirt drops of years past, these allow you to have a normal hood position in addition to an easy reach to the brake levers from the drops. These bars are compatible with bar-end shifters as well as integrated shifters. The Far Bars have a 21 degrees of sweep, ~40 degrees of flare, drop of 110 mm, and reach of 76 mm. These bars are a little different then road bars in terms of measuring the width. The listed width (44 or 48 cm) is measured center of the hoods to center of the hoods. The overall width is 585mm for the 44cm model, 625mm for the 48cm model. Weight is 292g. Available in Silver and Noir. Specs: Stem Clamp: 31.8mm Grip: 23.8mm Drop: 110mm Reach: 76mm Flare: 40deg Sweep: 21deg Sizes (C-to-C at hoods): 44, 48cmMore info & order
Grand Cru Course HandlebarVelo Orange Drop Bar A classic handlebar from old stock. The long flat curved shape is big enough to give you a comfortable handlebar position, and you can slide the handlebar position back and forth to achieve stability and comfort even on long distances. Material: Aluminum Handlebar Stem Clamp Diameter: 26.0mm Brake Lever Diameter: 23.8mm Finish: Polished Usage: Road Manufacturer: Velo OrangeMore info & order
NITTO B801AA SSBNITTO XC handlebar aluminium anodized Heat treated. Width 730mm, Rise 48mm, 15° diameter 31.8-22.2mm, 395g More info & order
Nitto B135AAThe design resembles that of a classic handlebar, except that the flat handlebar ends curve upward slightly, so that curves are turned slightly outward and you can catch turns or drops without twisting your wrist. In the 1940s and 1950s, cycling fashion shifted to Maes-patterned handlebars, but the rando is still a good choice for long rides and bad pavement. Polished alloy Collar diameter 25,4mm Drop 120mm Range 105mm Weight 300grMore info & order
Soma Port Mann HandlebarSwept back town bike handlebar with generous width and leverage. Good option when using a porteur rack, basket or bar bag, since it doesn't sweep too forward. • 6061-T6 aluminum • Polished finish, silver or black • Width: 650mm • Rise: 25mm • Center: 31.8mm • Grip Area Diameter: 22.2mm • Grip Area Length: 160mm • Backsweep: 73° • The internal diameter of the ends are machined to fit some bar end shifters and reverse brake levers. • Bends forward 22° before bending backwards. • Weight: 465 grams A design collaboration with Dream Cycle VancouverMore info & order
Steve Potts Original Dirt Drop Bar 31.8 60cmThe original Dirt Drop Bar was designed many years ago by the three original founders of WTB, Charlie, Steve ,and Mark. This bar was incredibly successful in it's performance and many imitations have been developed over the past years by many different companies. Steve Potts has come out with a new "Original" version that has has some changes that have improved the performance and placement of the modern controls and different hand positions for the long rides. The bars are made at Nitto, the premiere bar maker in the world! • Aluminum • Polished finish in black and silver • Width at ends: 60cm • Flare Out: 25° • Drop Flare: 30° • Reach: 104mm • Drop: 133mm (Reach and drop are measured with the ends tilted down 20°. These figures will vary depending bar how much you angle the ends down.) • Weight: 365g • Made in Japan by NittoMore info & order
NITTO B132 AAFNitto B132 Randonneur stuur 25,4 mm klemming Breedte 420 mm hart op hart gemeten Buitendiameter: 23,8 mm Drop: 110 mm, bereik: 122 mm Gewicht: ca. 300 g bij 420 mmMore info & order
NITTO M106NASCompact round bend design with single cable groove in front and flat spots on ramps. – Heat treated aluminum – Clamp diameter: 26.0mm – Drop: 128mm – Reach: 78mm – Wt.: 280gMore info & order
Granola-Moose BarThe Granola-Moose is a beautiful one-piece bar and stem combo. It's based on our popular Granola Bar and features an integrated 1 1/8" clamp for threadless steerers. This integrated design makes for a truly buttoned up and streamlined appearance on your city, touring, or mountain bike. Made from 4130 chromoly steel, this bar has a bunch of details that really makes it special. The steel is heat-treated, the tubing of the bar has multiple butting profiles, the front cross bar is slightly flattened for your lights and/or gizmos, and the system has been tested to stringent MTB standards. All in all, the Granola-Moose makes for a fun, unique, and comfortable upright handlebar. Width: 660mm Sweep: 60° Grip length: 170mm Rise/drop: 33mm Steerer clamp diameter: designed for 1 1/8" threadless stems or with 1" adaptor Grip diameter: 22.2mm Stem length equivalent: 100mm Cross bar diameter: 22.2mm Weight: 926gMore info & order
GrandBois MaesModernA handlebar with a groove for brake cables based on Nitto M106. It is a trendy anatomical shallow curve, but it is an excellent handlebar with GrandBois' basic specifications. Width: 410 mm  Reach: 78 mm Drop: 128 mm Clamp diameter: 26.0 mm Weight: 318 g / 410 mm Made in Japan.More info & order