NITTO M137 SSBNITTO Gravel road handlebar, anatomic. Heat treated aluminium. Silver, Black anodized. Drop 128mm, Reach 78mm, 365-385g. Clamp diameter 31.8mmMore info & order
Nitto Noodle 177NITTO touring handlebar. Aluminium anodized silver. Clamp diameter 26mm, Heat Treated for 460, 480mm More info & order
Nitto B135Een randostuur bij uitstek. Iets of wat 'flared', oftewel, de uiteinden wijzen iets naar buiten, goed te zien op de tekening. In diverse maten. Er is ook een 'SSB' uitvoering. Die heeft een clampdiameter van 31.8mm. More info & order
NITTO B602AAHier de gewone promenade van Nitto. In tegenstelling tot de 603AA loopt deze recht, van voren gezien. Ideaal voor een stadsfiets, tourfiets. B602AA   Promenadebar   ■ Aluminiumlegering   ■ Breedte / 490 mm   ■ middendiameter 25,4   ■ midden recht / 32   ■ staafdiameter i22,2   ■ Rise / 68   ■ Reach / 0   ■ griphoek / 75 °   ■ wt / 380 g   ■ Kleur / ZilverMore info & order
Nitto B302aNitto North Road stuur. Klassieker vinden we ze moeilijk. Je kunt em ook omkeren. How low can we go.... 490mm breed. Up van 65 mm en een clampdiameter van 25.4mm 315grammen.More info & order
Nitto Promenade B-603 22.2mmNitto Promenade, geweldig stuur qua vormgeving. Vanaf de voorkant gezien buigt het stuur aan de uiteinden iets naar beneden. B603AA   Promenadebar   ■ Aluminiumlegering   ■ Breedte / 480 mm   ■ middendiameter 25,4   ■ midden recht / 32   ■ buisdiameter 22,2   ■ Rise / 62   ■ Reach / 0   ■ griphoek / 75 °   ■ gewicht / 365 g   ■ Kleur / Zilver volgens VO This particular Nitto Promenade handlebar has 50mm of graceful rise and backsweep. The width is 48cm. There is enough room for Velo Orange cork grips, or any standard mountain bike grip. It accepts mountain bike brake levers and thumb shifters, but will not fit inverse brake levers or bar con shifters. It will fit any 25.4mm stem. with a Nitto shim, it will fit 26.0mm road stems.More info & order
Bella Ciao CS1aBella Ciao aluminum handlebar. Outside diameter 22.2 mm. Width 50.5 cm, measured from inside to inside of bar end to bar end (compatible with twist shifters). 3.3 cm rise. Stem clamp diameter 25.4 mm.More info & order
Bella Ciao CS2ABella Ciao CS2A aluminum handlebar for commuting. Less rise than the CS1a. 49.5 cm measured from inside to inside of bar end to bar end. 2 cm rise. 265 grammes. Stem clamp diameter 25.4 mmMore info & order
Bella Ciao CS6a MoustacheBella Ciao Moustache handlebars, zero drop, so entirely flat. Good choice for a porteur bicycle. Width 48.5 cm measured from inside to inside of bar end to bar end.More info & order
Bella Ciao SuperbaTogether with a wonderful young lady and with one of the world’s most sophisticated producers of bicycle components we tackled an old problem. Rear racks of uncompromising functionality and beauty, can they really exist? – Well,now they do. Designed by the eyes and brain behind the well-known blog Lovely Bicycle! and produced by Tubus Carrier Systems in Germany, we are thrilled to introduce the BELLA CIAO “Superba” rear rack. In her own words the author of Lovely Bicycle! describes her inspiration: “Having fallen in love with the elegant curves of my Bella Ciao, I could not bear to clutter it up with a clunky rear rack. I envisioned a rack that was minimalist and lightweight, yet evoked the curved rear carriers found on vintage continental European bicycles. After some prototyping, the Superba rack was born - a utilitarian classic that harmonizes with the clean lines of Bella Ciao bicycles. “ And a utilitarian classic indeed it is. Minimalist, lightweight and with a loading capacity of 25kg! Content with the result of our collaboration Lovely Bicycle! suggested the name “Superba”. The BELLA CIAO rear rack “Superba” is exclusively produced by Tubus in Germany. Made of stainless steel, with a weight of 450 grams and a certified payload of 25 kg. Surface: glass bead blasted (silky gloss). Certified according to DIN EN 14872. Suitable for all BELLA CIAO bicycle models in all sizes.More info & order
Nitto B115AA 440mm 26mmApplication: Road, City & Touring Width: 440 mm, Stem Clamp: 26.0 mm Drop: 140 mm Reach: 100 mm Material: aluminiumMore info & order
GrandBois Randonneur bar FrenchMore info & order