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Terms of Delivery (2016)

The General Terms of Delivery are applicable to all orders. For this reason it is necessary for you to accept our terms before ordering. In these terms is detemined what your rights and obligations are. Our goal is to assure all possible service and security within our control.

Prices & Shipping
All prices are including V.A.T. and any known applicable legally required disposal costs (E.U.) and shipping costs as quoted. Shipping terms are D.A.P. (Delivered At Place) destination, i.e. excluding custom clearance and import duties. Price-quotes are final and will not be altered because of changes in marketprices.

Transit time
We will try our best to deliver articles as soon as possible. When you have special demands according to transit-time or destination, please let us know (by mail!) en we will try to meet your wishes. In case an order can not be shipped within 30 days, we will contact you so you can cancel the order, if you wish, without costs.

Cancellation & Returns
You can cancel your order prior to the shipping date, by sending an e-mail to: We will confirm your cancellation by e-mail. In case you change your mind about your purchase after delivery, you can return the goods in the original packing material within 14 days, stating the reason of returning the goods. When returning the shipment, please let us know, so we are informed. The shipping costs for any return shipment are yours.

In all above mentioned cases: when you have already paid, your money will be refunded within 14 days. Once you have opened the shipping boxes, you have accepted the shipment!

If, by any chance, a delivered article turns out to be damaged upon arrival, we kindly request you te let us know the matter of the discrepancy and return the shipment at our costs. We will consult you about replacing the damaged article. For by supplied articles the manufactureres-, importers- or wholesale warranties apply.

Privacy policy
All data concerning names, adresses and bank-account numbers made available to us, will solely be used for your orders and will only be used for our own use. This information will never, voluntarily, be supplied to third parties.

Despite all efforts, an anomaly might occur. In the event there are complaints about any step in our process, that might be reason for your unsatisfaction, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can solve any problem.

Disclaimer photographs
The look of bags, sack, packs, baskets and panniers change over time, the design and certain details evolve continuously, especially the size, the number and the location of logo's. We try to keep our pictures up-to-date, but it might be possible that the appearance of a product in a picture differs from what we have in our shop. The pictures, therefore, are not normative and/or leading.
In case a logo , the place of the logo or the size of the logo is of special interest to you, please let us know, prior to ordering, by mail what your desires are, so we can inform you instantly about what is in stock at that moment.

Legal applicabillity
Being based in The Netherlands, all conditions are subject to Dutch legal rules and regulations. is produced by:

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