TRP RRL-SRThe RRL SR is a classic looking brake lever. The RRL SR transcends time by offering a race quality lever without an integrated shifter. The classic styling, characteristic of heroes of the past, make this a stylish brake handle for single speed , fixed gears or custom applications. The ergonomically shaped lever is drilled to increase eshetics and reduce weight. The caps are flat and textured for a better grip. A built in quick release system with push button provides slack in the cable for quick wheel removal or extra room for the tire when conditions get muddy. More info & order
DiaCompe EVO brake leverDia Compe Gran Compe EVO brake levers for cantilever brakes. Forged aluminum with matte silver finish. Lever position adjustable with 2 mm Allen. With spring mechanism - 300 grams per set - Delivery per set (left and right) - Internal cable routing (aero)More info & order
RX4.1 inverse brakeleverSystem Caliper or Canti Brake Lever System Material Forged aluminum lever / Cast aluminum bracket Dimension Ø19.6-20.6 mm ID aero bars Weight 166 grams / pair zwart/zilver Brake Cable type 1.5-1.6 mmMore info & order
FL 750 BrakeleverSystem Caliper or Canti Brake Lever System Material Forged aluminum lever / Cast aluminum bracket Lever Blade 3 finger lever blade Dimension Ø22.2 mm ID handlebar Weight 117 grams / pair Available Colors Silver lever / Black bracket Available in painted or anodized colors Brake Cable type 1.5-1.6 mmMore info & order
Soma Persuit brakeleverGesmeed aluminium, in zwart. De expander is verstelbaar van 19.6 tot 20.6 mm. Het bereik is verstelbaar met een imbus aan de achterkant. Voor porteursturen en een klassieke look.More info & order
DiaCompe guidonet brakeleversWellicht dat je ze hebt gezien op oude franse randonneurs of campeerfietsen. De specifieke remgrepen waarbij je je handen altijd bovenop het stuur kan laten rusten. Je hebt dus geen houvast als je in de beugels zit, moet je even rekening mee houden. Ze zijn ook ideaal voor in de stad bars zoals de VO Bellville en Porteur bars. Verkrijgbaar in 22.2mm en 23.8mm stuurbuisdiameter. Compatibel voor cantiremmen, niet voor V-brakes.More info & order
DIA-COMPE GC202H brakeleverRemgrepen volgens 1940. Met de kabels nog als antennes boven je stuur uit. Niet zo aero, maar wát mooi. Enne, heel licht, want uitgeboord. Per set, mét verpakking scoren ze 224gram op de weegschaal. Netjes is ook de stelmogelijkheid op de rem. More info & order
Diacompe GH202 brakelever• For Touring Bike (For Side-pull & Canti Brakes) • Diecast aluminum bracket • Aluminum plate lever handle (Buffed Silver anodized) • Amber, Brown, Black and White rubber hoods are available • With cable adjuster • Without quick release • 220g/pairMore info & order
Velo Orange Grand Cru Brake LeversSimple, light and comfortable brake levers from VO. These feature an exceptionally smooth lever throw. They are compatible with both 22.2mm and 23.8mm bars, since shims are included. The reach is adjustable with a screw. Furthermore, there are two versions. Regular pull (caliper, cantilever and center-pull) and Linear pull (V-brakes). The weight is 76gr per pair! Available in black and silver.More info & order
Dia Compe DC188• Cold forged aluminum lever handle (Silver finish / Black anodized) • Cable system Build in type/Handle bar • Handle Bar Diameter ID20mm or ID18mm • Bracket : Brown, Black • Weight 140g/pairMore info & order
RL720 BrakeleverBrake handle in the RL 72. Aluminum material. Black Holder/Silver Grip The diameter is 24 Ø for the RL720 RL720 = Ø 24mm RL721 = Ø 31.8 mm RL726 = Ø 26 mm Brake cable for 1.5-1.6 mm.More info & order