Moderniste Stainless Steel Bottle CageThe Moderniste Bottle Cage continues to be a favorite for retro and contemporary bikes. The elegant, minimalist design securely holds a plastic or stainless steel water bottle. This beautifully polished cage is made from lightweight, tubular stainless steel, so it is strong and exceptionally lightweight (43g). The cage can also be squeezed inward or expanded to get the perfect fit for your preferred water bottle. Available in Polished Silver and Smooth Noir.More info & order
Nitto M-18The M18 is made of Cromo steel. So it is very strong because it can carry a load of up to 8 kg. It fits on many forks because of the flexible connection on the front legs and on the crown piece. To make sure the paint doesn't get damaged there are rubber bands on the fork to protect it. Finely finished rack, much imitated but there is only 1 Nitto! The rack weighs 350gram.More info & order
Nitto Barplug ColorBar plug for racing or MTB handlebars. Various diameters so can do both. Made of aluminum. With a color. So extra mojo. EC-01 inside 20-22mm outside 24mm Ø EC-02 inside 15.5-17mm outsite 24mm ØMore info & order
Berthoud saddlecoverSaddle cover made of ultra-light, waterproof and tear-resistant polyester. Made in the workshop in Fleurville, Burgundy. Ideal for protecting the Soulor/Galibier or Aspin/Aravis when transporting your bike, storing it outside or riding in heavy rain. For the most minimalist cyclists who ride without fenders, we recommend our "integral" model that completely encases the saddle for maximum splash protection. A highly recommended investment to keep your leather clean even in the harshest conditions. The "integral" model Integrated saddle cover, made of ultra-light, waterproof and tear-resistant polyester. Made in our workshops in Fleurville, Burgundy. Ideal for protecting racing models (Soulor/Galibier) or touring models (Aspin/Aravis). This model is distinguished by the cord that you can pull so that the cover better encloses the saddle. A bit more expensive, a bit more chic. More info & order
Compression Daruma Hardware for Campeur Racks This is a set of stainless steel daruma hardware that is included with our Campeur Racks and is compatible with our cantilever or straight arms. This set is also compatible with Nitto's similar offerings. More info & order
Toe-clips GrandCruA good quality toe clip and strap is ubiquitous on any classic and vintage bike. These are made from stainless steel and are available in two reach sizes (distance they stick out from the pedal): Medium, 58mm and Large, 64mm Price is per pair. Mounting hardware included.More info & order
Son Coax adapterThe handy plug connection from hub dynamo to cable. Some skill with soldering is a plus. More info & order
Tandem innercableTandem inner cable for brake or gear. STAINLESS STEEL. 3 meters long. and for the gear cable the diameter is 1.1mm and for the brake 1.5mm. The gear cable has a barrel or a bushing end and the brake a barrel or a pear. More info & order
Dualco Grease gunPro Pump Action with spring loaded plunger & 2" Nozzle. Push Type Utility Grease Guns require only one hand to operate and are ideal for working in confined areas where lever action guns are inconvenient. All models will handle multi-viscous lubricant grades, and are highly recomended for special purpose bulk lubricants. • Lightweight, compact & easy to use • Durable all metal construction • Self activated priming • Quick service, refill & cleaning • Ground plunger & ball check • Pinpoint accuracy More info & order
Torpedo singlespeed hubWith freewheel function and fixed function (Adjustment over seven turns with the screwdriver on the outside of the shaft) Aluminum hub Frame installation width: 120 mm Number of spoke holes : 32 Shaft nut thread M10x1 Total shaft length 174 mm Flange distance (symmetrical) 59 mm Spoke hole diameter 67 mm Spoke hole diameter 2.6 mm Chainline 46 mm Weight of hub: approx. 480 g Drive mode Fixed gear: Using a small flathead screwdriver, turn the set screw in the shaft on the sprocket side clockwise as far as it will go. Note: In fixed gear, the pedals always rotate. Familiarize yourself with the riding mode before participating in traffic. Drive Mode Freewheel: Using a small flat-blade screwdriver, turn the adjustment screw clockwise as far as it will go, then turn it back 5 full turns.More info & order
Rigida Ryde Andra 30 584mmIt is one of the most used rims for travel bikes and proves time after time that it is almost indestructible! SHAPE - double wall JOINT - pin TIRE USE - tube HOOK TYPE - crotchet BRAKE TYPE - rim brake WEIGHT RIM BRAKE - 718 ERD (MM) - 535 MECHINICAL TREATMENT - CNC CHEMICAL TREATMENT - powder coated black SPOKE HOLES - 32 VALVE HOLE Ø 6,5 (MM) MAX. SPOKE TENSION 1400(N) TIRE WIDTH (MM) 28-57 AXLE LOAD (KG) max 120More info & order
Rivendell barend shifter– Friction only – Power ratchet system makes shifting easier – Microshift mountMore info & order