Saddle LoopsThese nifty, stainless steel clamp-on loops mount to your saddle's rails so you can use a saddle bag. Not suggested for carbon rails. Price is per pair.More info & order
Constructeur Rear RackThe VO Constructeur Rear Rack fills the need for an elegant, small, and sturdy rear rack for those of us who don't need a heavy duty touring rack. It will accept a set of small panniers for a multi-day trip, serve as a platform for a saddle bag, or carry a rack-top bag. All VO racks are made from polished tubular stainless steel, so they will never rust or flake, and can be re-polished to a mirror shine even after years of use. The rack can be mounted two ways. Either directly to the rear fender using the threaded eyelets on the underside of the rack, or by using a strut (not included but available in regular or XL size) to mount to the seatstay bridge. The rack platform is 10.5cm x 26cm. The distance between the cross-pieces of the platform is 148mm. From the center of the bottom hole, the rack stands about 36cm tall. The mounting tangs are drilled in four spots to make it fit most bikes with 700c, 650b, or 26" wheels. 15lbs (6.8kg) maximum weight capacity.More info & order
Rindow Universele Aluminium M5 Mount - ZilverOn your front fender, a light bulb, but how do you attach it. Well, here's the solution. A CNC milled little thing that generates a stable mounting option. Beautiful!More info & order
Flat Pack RackThe Velo Orange Flat Pack Rack is designed to be super strong and adaptable, allowing it to be neatly mounted on nearly any bike with rack mounts on the fork blades. Adjustability is accomplished by employing sliding stays and darumas to dial in the position and level of the rack. With so many forks out there riddled with eyelets and holes for low-riders and 3-pack mounts, you can choose where the rack will mount. The platform is known as a “demi-porteur”. Its size is somewhere between a full Porteur and traditional Randonneur front rack. The main benefit to the demi-porteur style is better stabilization for large Randonneur Handlebar Bags as well as better support for baskets and large, bikepacking bags. The uprights are removable and can be interchanged between a decaleur receiver for a Randonneur-style handlebar bag and a tombstone loop for a basket or other luggage. When disassembled, it can fold almost completely flat - which is really useful for travel where space is at a premium. The Flat Pack Rack mounts to the fork crown using a little do-dad we call a Foot. This beefy mount sits flat against the fork crown and is also mounted to a daruma-style receiver, so it can slide up or down and in and out depending on your clearance needs. The lower portion of the stays are curved in such a way that they can mount flush on the side of your fork's blades. Additionally, the front of the rack features a braze-on for a light mount. The kit includes all the hardware you need to install the rack on most bikes: Four aluminum alloy stays - use two for a weight capacity of 12 lbs or use all four for a weight capacity of up to 17 lbs. Five daruma assemblies Decaleur receiver Backstop Foot with M6 bolt, washer, and nylock nut Screws for fork mounting Details: Platform size: 27.5cm x 20.3cm Weight (including all hardware): 708g Material: Stainless steel platform, backstop, and mounting hardware. Aluminum alloy stays and daruma. Weight capacity: 12lbs with two stays / 17lbs with all four staysMore info & order
TRP RRL-SRThe RRL SR is a classic looking brake lever. The RRL SR transcends time by offering a race quality lever without an integrated shifter. The classic styling, characteristic of heroes of the past, make this a stylish brake handle for single speed , fixed gears or custom applications. The ergonomically shaped lever is drilled to increase eshetics and reduce weight. The caps are flat and textured for a better grip. A built in quick release system with push button provides slack in the cable for quick wheel removal or extra room for the tire when conditions get muddy. More info & order
GrandBois Centerpull Brake Cable HangerStylish cable hanger to optimally balance fine centerpull brakes. Per pair. More info & order
SUNxcd Large Flange Hub frontMore info & order
SUNxcd Large Flange Hub RearSUN xcd Large Flange touring Hub rear, 130mm. For casette shimano 8-10 speeds More info & order
SUNXCD Front derailleur SXFD34SUNXCD Touring Front derailleur for 9-10 speeds. Total capacity 16T, Braze-on, Down-pull. 95g More info & order
SUNXCD 3 bolts nutSUNXCD 3 bolts nut in stainless, 3 spacers, 3 washers set. More info & order
SUNXCD innerSUNXCD 3 arms PCD74mm inner chainring More info & order
SUNXCD outerSUNXCD 5pins crank chainring. 3 arms PCD 74mm, aluminium. More info & order