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Spatbord FE/0053 van Velo Orange 37 mm aluminium hammered 700c. Dus voor 28 inch. De zijkant is glad en de bovenkant is gehamerd. inclusief stangen en bevestiging. De werkelijke maat is 34mm breed. Houdt hier wel rekening mee. Is voor hele smalle banden dus.


volgens VO


`The VO 700c 37mm hammered fenders have a hammered pattern on top and a smooth strip along the sides. Like our other fenders, they are extra-long to keep spray off.

The hardware includes 5mm polished aluminum stays, R-clips and screws, stay-to-fender closed eyelet bolts, fork crown daruma, sliding bracket, and leather washers.

The front fenders are 80cm long and the rear are 110cm. They are pre-drilled.

For tire up to 27mm wide.`

Velo Orange spatbord 37 mm hammered  x€ 65,00