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Velo Orange Inverse Brake Lever

Classic inverse brake lever. Can be mounted to a porteur handle bar. Combined with Gropes they give great retro look and feel.

Velo Orange Campeur Rack front or rear.

The Campeur racks are heavy-duty racks that are designed for touring. The design of the racks keeps the center of gravity of the panniers as low as possible. The racks can be mounted on bicycles with braze-ons for cantilever brakes. They come with all the parts you need to install them. These polished stainless steel racks are suitable for bikes with either 26 inch or 28 inch wheels.

Velo Orange CrandCru Chris's Rando handlebar

Based on the Nitto Randobar. Available in several sizes at a reasonable price.

Velo Orange Course handlebar Classic Round

Classic handlebar by VeloOrange. Available in several sizes.

Velo Orange various handlebars

Velo Orange Postino handlebar Material AluminumStem Clamp Diameter 25. 4mm Lever Clamp Diameter 22. 2mmWidth 57 cmRise/Drop 0Back-sweep 45 degreesGrip length 15cm   Velo Orange Milano Handlebar Material AluminumStem Clamp Diameter 25. 4mmLever Clamp Diameter 22. 2mmWidth 57 cmRise/Drop 25Back-sweep 35 degreesGrip length 17cm   Velo Orange Tourist Handlebar Material AluminumStem Clamp Diameter 25.

Velo Orange Grand Cru Touring rear cassette hub

The Velo Orange Crand Cru Touring hub can be disassembled within seconds. No tools required! Conveniant for maintenance or if there's a broken spoke on the right hand side. The hub is Shimano compatible and comes with a quick release. Over lock nut dimension 135 mm. Weight 415 gr.

Velo Orange Quill stem

Chrome plated, 1 inch. For a more upright riding position.

Quill Stem Grand Cru

Fillet brazed, with aluminum wedge.

Velo Orange Grand Cru crankset

The Grand Cru 110 crank has classically styled reliefs in the crank arms. The crank is cold forged and the rings are full CNC 7075 alloy, so the rings should be super durable. The Q-factor is about 150mm and weight is around 670g.

Velo Orange japanse aluminium bel

Een mooie gedistingeerde bel, van Velo Orange. Klik hier hoe die klinkt.

Velo Orange messing bel

Als ie op je stuur zit blijf je poetsen. Glimmen dat ie doet! De bel van VO.

Velo Orange Elkskin bartape

stuurleer in zwart, bruin en honing. t'Is even klussen om het te installeren. Maar het resultaat mag er zijn!.

Velo Orange Porteur voorrek

Voordrager van Velo Orange. Dat is stijl op je fiets. RVS wat daarna is gepolijst. Het draaggedeelte meet 36cm x 29cm. Eromheen zit een afneembare rail.

Velo Orange constructeur voorrekje

The constructeur front rack is a medium sized front rack that is attached to dropout eyelets. It's made from polished tubular stainless steel, just like our other racks. It has eyelets for lights and a fender mount. Ideally, the tang at the back is attached to the fender boss under the fork crown, or you may use the included fork crown daruma. The tang may also be bent up and attached to the brake bolt.

Velo Orange Achterdrager

This rack fills the need for an elegant, small, and sturdy rear rack for those of us who don't need a touring rack. It will accept a set of small panniers for a multi-day trip, serve as a platform for a saddle bag, or carry a rack-top bag. It is just big enough for a couple of baguettes or a bottle of wine. A Sunday New York Times, a few books, or a box of doughnuts might also make an acceptable load. It is our version of the rack made by Alex Singer and other legendary French builders.

Velo Orange Decaleur

Bevestiging van Velo Orange om je stuurtas aan het stuur te maken. Gilles Berthoudtassen vinden dit fijn bijvoorbeeld. Dan slijten ze minder hard. Er zijn 2 uitvoeringen, De 1", en de  1/8 ". .

Velo Orange Bidonhouders

Geweldige bidonhouders van Velo Orange. Betreft oude modellen die dan weer opnieuw worden uitgebracht. in diverse uitvoeringen: zonder haak en met haak en de moderniste.

Velo Orange Smooth Spatborden 37-622

Gladde spatborden, in werkelijkheid 38mm. Streepje breder dus. In aluminium.   VO 700c 37mm fenders have a beautiful polished finish. Like our other fenders they are extra-long to keep spray off.

Velo Orange Smooth Spatborden 45-622

Gladde spatborden, in werkelijkheid 47mm. Streepje breder dus. In aluminium.   These classic smooth profile aluminum fenders, fit 700c and 27" wheels. The hardware includes: 5mm polished aluminum stays, R-clips and screws, stay-to-fender closed eyelet bolts, fork crown daruma, sliding bracket, and leather washers.

Velo Orange RVS spatborden 45-622

RVS spatbordsetje van Velo Orange in 46. 5mm voor 28 inch. Mooi glad, strak en glanzend.

Velo Orange hammerd spatbord 37-622

Spatbord FE/0053 van Velo Orange 37 mm aluminium hammered 700c. Dus voor 28 inch. De zijkant is glad en de bovenkant is gehamerd. inclusief stangen en bevestiging. De werkelijke maat is 34mm breed.

Velo Orange spatbord hammered 45-622

Spatborden met hamermotief van in werkelijkheid 47mm. Iets breder dan VO aangeeft. Classic look! The hardware includes: 5mm polished aluminum stays, R-clips and screws, stay-to-fender closed eyelet bolts, fork crown daruma, sliding bracket, and leather washers. The front fenders are 90cm long and the rear are 120cm. That's longer than most Honjos and every other fender but one; our special extra-long Honjo models are still a bit longer.

Velo Orange Zeppelin spatborden 52-622

Dit zijn nieuwe spatborden in een klassieke, art deco stijl van Velo Orange. Maat 51 bij 700c of 622 mm. Het betreft de spatborden met bevestigingsmateriaal.   Voorspatbord is 90 cm en achter 120. spatborden zijn voorgeboord.