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Gropes are lace-up handlebar grips. They are handmade from high quality leather with pre-punched holes.The idea was inspired by original leather-wrap grips, but recreated with a twist. They come with extra-long laces and are available in two sizes and many colour combinations. And if you know how to tie a shoelace, you know how to fit Gropes.

The leather strips are available in two sizes: Short: W80mm x L126mm and
Long Gropes: W80mm x L504mm


Gropes short
Brown with beige laces  x€ 36,00
Natural with brown laces  x€ 36,00
Honey with black laces  x€ 36,00
Black with black laces  x€ 36,00
Red with grey laces  x€ 36,00
Yellow with grey laces  x€ 36,00
Blue with red laces  x€ 36,00