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MKS Lambda

Outrageously designed with a large, grippy surface area. A comfortable pedal to put on your MTB or gravel racing mule.


The BM-7 is a replica of an old-school BMX pedal. The large, serrated cage ensures maximum shoe adhesion.

MKS Supreme

Supreme rolling resistance (or rather lack of it), supreme finish, supreme silence. The best MKS has to offer. It has sneaked its way into the realms of NJS approved bike parts which means it is entirely made of unobtainium and supposedly forged in the fires of mount Doom. Toe-clip compatible and available in silver or black finish.

MKS Sylvan Road

Sturdy, entry-level platform pedal. Perfect for your vintage road bike. Especially if you add some nice MKS clips. 353 grammes the pair. Aluminium body and cage, chromoly steel spindle.

MKS Sylvan Stream

This elegantly shaped pedal suits your townie just fine. A cage width of 80 mm ensures a perfect fit, even for people with humongous feet and if you want to fit clips, go right ahead! Adjustable cup and cone bearings. 345 grammes for a pair.

MKS Sylvan Touring

Suitable for touring/randonneuring bicycles. 383 grammes for a pair. You can fit clips and straps if you wish. The bearings are adjustable and these beauties are now available in an extra suave copper finish!.

MKS Sylvan Track

A very nicely made replica of the famous Campagnolo Pista pedal. The aluminium body and cage revolve around a chromoly steel spindle. Toe-clip compatible and weighing in at a very modest 335 grammes a set.

MKS Promenade

If there was ever a pedal made exclusively to potter around showing off your hipster rocket, this is it. The cage has a mesmerizing titanium finish and it is lightweight, around 300 grammes for a pair, if you are also weight-weenie inclined.

MKS Urban

For fast commuters and/or grocery getters. Can be combined with clips and straps. One-sided use only, if you value the skin on your shins that is. Nice and light at aound 310 grammes the pair. Ultra smooth cartridge bearings.

MKS Toe-clips Halfclip

A clip without the straps. These used to be available in extra vulnerable plastic only, but MKS have made a sensible stainless steel alternative. Even hiking boots belonging to a Yeti will fit into these babies. Just to be clear, you get only the clips, pedals have to be bought separately!.