MKS AR-2 Ezy

The AR-2 features a unique asymmetrical cage plate design that provides extra room inside the shaft for wide shoes compared to traditional pedals like the Sylvan Road. The AR-2 is designed to be used with toe clips and straps. But it can also be used without.

The Ezy system allows the pedals to be removed safely, quickly and without tools for travel, storage or flexibility.

Especially popular as an upgrade for folding bikes, people who take their bikes on public transport or on travel bikes with clutch systems.

To use the Ezy pedal, simply remove the yellow retaining ring and pull back the collar attached to the crank arm to release or mount the pedal.

The stopper must be installed. If the stopper is not installed, the attachment of the pedal is incomplete.
Without the stopper, the adapter may break, or the pedal may fall off resulting in serious injury
Per piece: € 78,41