Nitto B135 SSB23,8 bar diameter for levers 120mm drop weight: ca 350g 104mm reachMore info & order
NITTO B602AAHier de gewone promenade van Nitto. In tegenstelling tot de 603AA loopt deze recht, van voren gezien. Ideaal voor een stadsfiets, tourfiets. B602AA   Promenadebar   ■ Aluminiumlegering   ■ Breedte / 490 mm   ■ middendiameter 25,4   ■ midden recht / 32   ■ staafdiameter i22,2   ■ Rise / 68   ■ Reach / 0   ■ griphoek / 75 °   ■ wt / 380 g   ■ Kleur / ZilverMore info & order
Nitto Promenade B-603 22.2mmNitto Promenade, geweldig stuur qua vormgeving. Vanaf de voorkant gezien buigt het stuur aan de uiteinden iets naar beneden. B603AA   Promenadebar   ■ Aluminiumlegering   ■ Breedte / 480 mm   ■ middendiameter 25,4   ■ midden recht / 32   ■ buisdiameter 22,2   ■ Rise / 62   ■ Reach / 0   ■ griphoek / 75 °   ■ gewicht / 365 g   ■ Kleur / Zilver volgens VO This particular Nitto Promenade handlebar has 50mm of graceful rise and backsweep. The width is 48cm. There is enough room for Velo Orange cork grips, or any standard mountain bike grip. It accepts mountain bike brake levers and thumb shifters, but will not fit inverse brake levers or bar con shifters. It will fit any 25.4mm stem. with a Nitto shim, it will fit 26.0mm road stems.More info & order
Bella Ciao CS1aBella Ciao aluminum handlebar. Outside diameter 22.2 mm. Width 50.5 cm, measured from inside to inside of bar end to bar end (compatible with twist shifters). 3.3 cm rise. Stem clamp diameter 25.4 mm.More info & order
Bella Ciao CS2ABella Ciao CS2A aluminum handlebar for commuting. Less rise than the CS1a. 49.5 cm measured from inside to inside of bar end to bar end. 2 cm rise. 265 grammes. Stem clamp diameter 25.4 mmMore info & order
Bella Ciao CS6a MoustacheBella Ciao Moustache handlebars, zero drop, so entirely flat. Good choice for a porteur bicycle. Width 48.5 cm measured from inside to inside of bar end to bar end.More info & order
Soma Moustache handlebar6061-T6 shotpeened aluminum handlebar that offers multiple hand positions for comfortable riding. Will accommodate bar end shifters. Not designed for 22.2mm ID MTB rubber grips (the 3-Speed II will fit these though) - Width: 505mm (measured c-c at bar ends) - Drop: 60mm - Reach: 100mm - 25.4mm clamp diameter - 23.8mm grip diameter - Weight: 320g More info & order
Soma Major Taylor handlebarA replica of a 1930's drop bar that's been hanging on display in Oscar Juner's old SF shop for years. It has a unique flare shape. Has less hand room at the top area, than normal track bars. Named after the legendary Marshall "Major" Taylor. - Chrome-plated Tange steel - Widths: 44(measured center to center - 165mm drop; 65mm reach - 25.4 mm centerMore info & order
Soma Junebug handlebarDrop bar designed with off road use in mind. Roomier in the drops than the On-One Midge. Shallower drop than WTB Dirt Drop. Slightly narrower than both. 31.8mm only. (To fit a 26.0mm stem, look to the Portola) - 6061-T6 aluminum - Width 56cm (measured center-to-center at bar ends) - Drop: 112mm - Reach: 65mm - Stem Clamp Size: 31.8mm - Width of flats on top: 340mm - Width at lever mounting area: approx 45.5cm - ID at ends: 20.0mm - Drops ("hooks") have a flare to them - Polished black and silver - Weight: 300g More info & order
Nitto B115AA 440mm 26mmApplication: Road, City & Touring Width: 440 mm, Stem Clamp: 26.0 mm Drop: 140 mm Reach: 100 mm Material: aluminiumMore info & order
Grand Bois Promenade Fijn stadsstuurtje made by NITTO. 430mm breed. Klemdiameter 25.4mm. Stuurdikte 23.8.More info & order
Nitto Moustache RM-016Moustache bar aluminium heat theated anodized Silver, clamp diameter 25.4mm, handle diameter 23.8mm More info & order