Steve Potts Original Dirt Drop Bar 31.8 60cm

The original Dirt Drop Bar was designed many years ago by the three original founders of WTB, Charlie, Steve ,and Mark. This bar was incredibly successful in it's performance and many imitations have been developed over the past years by many different companies.
Steve Potts has come out with a new "Original" version that has has some changes that have improved the performance and placement of the modern controls and different hand positions for the long rides. The bars are made at Nitto, the premiere bar maker in the world!
• Aluminum
• Polished finish in black and silver
• Width at ends: 60cm
• Flare Out: 25°
• Drop Flare: 30°
• Reach: 104mm
• Drop: 133mm
(Reach and drop are measured with the ends tilted down 20°. These figures will vary depending bar how much you angle the ends down.)
• Weight: 365g
• Made in Japan by Nitto