Handlebar end plugs BerthoudMade of full-grain cowhide like our saddles, these handlebar covers are a perfect addition to handlebars, mud flaps and, of course, saddles. They have a perfect fit thanks to a screwed silicone end cap. This version is also available in natural leather, black leather or brown leather. MTB = ø22.2 & Race ø24.More info & order
Velo Orange Leather Toe StrapsThese leather toe straps feature anti-stretch material sandwiched between two layers of Australian cowhide. They are glued and then stitched along the edges for durability and an elegant look. They include buckle covers to protect your shoes. Their 450mm length is longer than most straps to accommodate wider American feet. Sold per pair.More info & order
Velo Orange Thumb Shifter MountsDon't throw out those vintage downtube shifters - they're the perfect match for city bikes, tourers, and porteurs! They're lightweight, simple, inexpensive, and are compatible with almost any front and rear derailleur. Although, they can be a pain to reach for in traffic. The VO Thumb Shifter Mounts allow you to mount downtube and bar-end shifters on your handlebars. These thumbies put your shifter within easy reach while avoiding the complexity of brifters. They can even be used on drop bars. Compatible with any standard road, mtb, and city handlebars (22.2 and 23.8mm grip area) Hinged design so you don't need to remove any components or accessories for installation Integrated barrel adjustor to dial in cable tension on the fly They fit Dia-Compe Downtube Shifters, Dia-Compe Bar End Shifters, Shimano 10/9/8 speed Bar End shifters in addition to a ton of vintage downtube and bar-end shifters Sold as a pair. Shifters not included. Note: Not compatible with Microshift shifters (the shifter is too tall) or Dia-Compe 11s road/10s dynasys shifters.More info & order
Velo Orange Brass Striker BellThese lovely brass bells have been made in the same small factory for many decades. They have hammer-type strikers, a beautiful tone, and great resonance. Compared to our Temple brass bells, the Striker bells are a little louder and a few millimeters wider. Unfortunately, they will not work with our Retro bell mount or Spacer bell mount. Features a chrome clamp for handlebars.More info & order
Velo Orange BellThese lovely brass bells have been made in the same small factory for decades. They have solid brass domes and use old-fashioned spring strikers that produce a sweet resonating tone. Mount them to your handlebar or quill stem. Available in brass and mirror finish.More info & order
IRD Pedals Karbonite MTB Sealed w/Removable PinsImpact-resistant composite platform pedal with eight removable pins per side. • Low profile • Sealed cartridge bearings • Black, red, or teal blueMore info & order
Honjo Daruma boltU-Stay fixing brass, 5mm by allen key. Sold by 4 pieces with 1 allen key, 4 leather washers More info & order
DIA-COMPE ENE downtubeshifter rivendell SilverNice set of adjusters, for the down tube of your bike. Sometimes they have cams that allow easy mounting of adjusters. The type is called "Silver". - 8, 9, 10 Speed Compatible - Down Tube use - weight : 64g/pair - Sold as a pair (left + right)More info & order
Tanaka Duralumin bottlecageThe Tanaka duralumin bottle cages are made of a lightweight and durable alloy called duralumin. They are designed to hold standard water bottles securely while cycling and are a popular choice among professional and recreational riders. They are also known for their sleek and stylish appearance, as duralumin has a silver finish that adds a touch of class to any bike. They are typically lightweight and easy to install, making them a practical choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bike's bottle cage system. 44gram.More info & order
VeloORange MudFlapThese mud flaps are cut from 1/16" thick polyurethane rubber and have very high durability and resistance to road dirt, oil and water. The short version is ideal for front fenders to protect your feet and drive train from water splashes. The long version is often known as a "buddy" flap and is used to keep road dirt and water out of the faces of riders behind you - a necessity on group rides and patents. Weight (with hardware): 33g (short) and 49g (long) Dimensions: Bottom width is 115mm and length is 165mm (short) and 245mm (long). Recommended for mudguards of 45mm and more. Fits perfectly inside our 58mm fenders. Mounting hardware included Price is per flap. Manufactured in-house in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Note: Tighten only the nuts and bolts during installation. Over tightening can tear the rubber. There is no need to tighten them hard - they will stay in place. More info & order
Brooks saddle repair setYou can use rivets to repair the Brooks saddle. Our experience is that this is no sinecure. The steel rivets are hard to get to cooperate. So we have this solution. Nice countersunk torx bolts with nyloc nuts. Fits like a house, works fantastic. Order your set of 10 quickly.More info & order
Spacers 1 1/8 silverSilver spacer in 28.6mm or 1 1/8inch. In various lengths.More info & order