GB1015Small multipurpose bag, capacity about 1l. Can be attached to the top of a front or rear luggage rack. It is also possible to attach it to a saddle equipped with special loops.More info & order
GB1500Kleine zijtassen met veters, voorzien van handvat, te monteren aan de voor- of achterzijde. De vouwrand helpt de inhoud compacter te maken, dus vergeet niet de lading met de veters in te snoeren. Uitgerust met het Klick-Fix snelsluitsysteem Waterdicht en geimpregneerd behandeld katoenen canvas, lederen randen en verstevigingen. Prijs per paar.More info & order
MKS sylvan GorditoThe name Gordito comes from a South American Spanish language “term of endearment” that translates to chubby , but is used like the word darling. The Gordito pedal is large and lovable. Maintaining the same width of the Sylvan touring, we have increased the length of the pedal body allowing for a large comfortable platform for the rider to firmly rest their feet. This pedal is ideal for those looking for a comfortable ride, as well as those with large legs or shoes. Like the Sylvan touring, the cage plate tooth profile is grippy, but not particularly aggressive. ・The largest platform in the Sylvan series, about 94 mm x 85 mm. ・Built around our proven and user serviceable Cup & Cone bearing system. ・The step plates are attached with screws, which can be replaced by the user if damaged. ・Two colors: Barrel polished silver body with anodized plates or Shot Blasted black body with black anodized plates.More info & order
MKS EZY adapter setMKS 'Ezy' second clutch 9/16 "(pair) for second bike, spare parts, including accessories (lock washers + washers)More info & order
Pump pegsPegs for your frame tube to transport the pump conveniently. For diameters from 27 to 31mm. More info & order
Brave barbag210D Ribstop nylon with TPU coating, fastening with stable Velcro straps, grey Waterproof WP up to 5000 mm, extremely tear and abrasion resistant, with practical roll closure on both sides, with waterproof taped seams. The roll closure allows the volume to be individually adjusted. For transporting large things that are not too heavy but are well compressible and used on a trip. With drawstring on the top for the attachment of additional luggage. Easy attachment to the handlebar without tools 17 literMore info & order
Brave Framebag210D Ribstop nylon with TPU coating, fastening with 7 stable Velcro straps, grey Waterproof WP up to 5000 mm, durable, extremely tear and abrasion resistant, with sealed zippers, very good for important items needed on a trip. Large main compartment with a lockable inner pocket. Optimal weight distribution through central mounting in the bike frame triangle 2.2 literMore info & order
Brave Tankbag210D Ribstop nylon with TPU coating, fastening with Velcro straps, grey Waterproof WP over 5000mm, durable, extremely tear and abrasion resistant, with sealed zippers, easy assembly without tools by 3 stable Velcro straps for attachment to top tube / stem or to the seat post More info & order
GB372Because black is black, we decided to produce some of our "flagship" models of bags in an all-black version. Black dyed leather, black synthetic border. Black canvas. Small side panniers with gussets, equipped with a carrying handle, to be mounted on the front or the back. The gusset allows to compact the content, do not forget to balance the load laterally. Leather and spring straps fastening system. Waterproof and rot-proof treated cotton canvas, synthetic border and black tinted full grain leather reinforcements. Side bags for low front rack. Basic volume 49l for the pair. More info & order
Soma Vitesse EX 700c The Smooth Vitesse EX is a fast and lightweight clincher tire with a smooth casing. The super light casing not only reduces rotational weight, but also reduces rolling resistance and does a great job of leveling the road. Made in Japan by Panaracer. - Carbon rubber compound for high mileage and tread pattern for all roads - Kevlar retaining thread - Black tread with skinwall - Weight: 33c(290g) More info & order
TA chainringbold Pro5visFor triplets TA Specialties screw kit, specific for mounting Pro 5 Intermediate and Inner Tray, on Pro 5 Outer Tray. Bag of 6 aluminum screws M5x0.75x8.7L + 6 chimneys M5x0.75x13L + 12 spacers ø12x7.15x3.6 + 6 Onduflex washers. Original screws since 1947. For double Specialties TA screw kit, specific for mounting Pro 5 Vis inner plate on Pro 5 Vis outer plate. Bag of 6 aluminum screws M5x0.75x7L + 6 chimneys M5x0.75x6L + 6 spacers ø12x7.15x3.6 + 6 Onduflex washers.More info & order
Knotted gloveThe classic knotted glove, an icon in the cycling world. A must-have for the retro enthusiast. And besides, the wearing comfort is very good. Available in various sizes.More info & order